06 April 2009

A Tailor Shop

The news channels were puking stories about the assets (ahem.. 'official' assets that is..) amassed by our dear politicians (see the top 10 wealthy politicians here) ahead of the 2009 elections, when i thought of the tailor shop i had visited a year ago in Tamil Nadu. It was a tiny shop, with the tailoring machine and a chair squeezed in it. The card board walls were plastered with random stuff, like a game of jigsaw puzzle. But it was none other than our great MGR who occupied the prime space on this busy wall. The hero of a humble Indian tailor.


  1. If I am not mistaken is this the Tailor shop beside Haridas's Eucalyptus Hut? If I am not wrong that's his dog!

  2. Yes. You are right. Its the same shop. the one near Haridas's hut. And that his dog :)