28 August 2010

Rain Rain, Please Don't Go Away...

18 August 2010

And then there were none.

Location : Casa Maria, Mattanchery

16 August 2010

The Visitor

"Death, you cannot kill one who is alone;
I died before you came."
- Ramana Maharshi (from The Reverse Arrow of Time )

About Once or More Than Twice

"Are you saying you don't remember me, or that you don't remember seeing me?"
- Orhan Pamuk (excerpt from Snow)

15 August 2010

In pursuit of happiness...

Location : Fort Cochin

12 August 2010


Location : The Old Harbour Hotel, Fort Cochin

06 August 2010

It never stopped raining

03 August 2010

And then, I met Muskaan..

02 August 2010

Breakfast Anyone?

01 August 2010

The Tea Party