03 August 2011

I moved

To here

02 August 2011

When the Voices Stopped

The Last Chair.

27 June 2011


Location : Poovar Island, Kerala

 That inability to see beyond.

22 June 2011


Location : Chettinad, Tamil Nadu

Did you notice there are no mirrors in this house?
Oh yes! Why is that?
Because every morning, they used to find them broken.

20 June 2011

These memories. Those voids.

Losing. Slowly.

16 June 2011


Tell me that story just one more time please???

14 June 2011

The Collection of 'Untitled' Begins Here.

Only the dead remain young forever.

05 June 2011

Finding Marta

Location : Belfast, Ireland
What did she say? Nothing. She just took her bag and left.

03 June 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

29 May 2011

Black Hole

Location : Fort Cochin, Kerala
Like all the other things she used to spin into existence inside her mind in those dark days.
- Murakami.

15 May 2011

Eleven Minutes

Time kept ticking away. Nobody came. May 15, 2011. 03.01 pm

09 May 2011

How bizzare, these dreams...

Location : Trout Hatchery, Ooty

03 May 2011

Far Away

Poovar Island
Of course there is God.
Somewhere? Far away may be?

Lessons Learnt.

"Doesn't your advanced age account for anything?
Why are you so naive about the world and its functions?"

22 April 2011

Rain Comes Home

21 April 2011

The Lady in Red

"Its not about financial independence anymore." "No?" "No." "Then?" "Financial success. That is key." About finances, independence and women in business. April 2011, Bangalore

27 March 2011


"They will be happy. Always. No matter what."
"But why?"
"Because they are... Visceral."

26 March 2011

Down Under

A world that's deep down under and all thats black and magical about it.

24 March 2011

A Thousand Splendid Flowers Such as These

Location : Red Hills, Ooty
"Someone asked me how I was.
I told them, I'm happy. "

10 March 2011


The angrez were interesting; some had long hair and some shaved their heads.
They rode big motorbikes and at times were half-naked.
I had asked a neighbour who worked in a hotel, "Why do the angrez travel and we do not?"
"Because they are angrez and we are not."
But I worked it out. They had to travel to see Kashmir; we lived there and did not need to travel. We waved at them; they waved back.
Kashmir 1986.
Basharat Peer.

08 March 2011


Goudaguda Village, Koraput Dist., Orissa

25 February 2011

In the Gardens of Eden

Location : Goudaguda Village, Interiors of Koraput, Orissa
"Didi... You, liking, flowers??" -Pothima, a lovely girl from the Porija tribe.

17 February 2011

Orange Dreams

14 February 2011

Strawberry Swing

11 February 2011

"And She Said,

.. this too shall pass."

06 February 2011

In Search of a Genie

03 February 2011

Capital City

So how is S? Good. Does he treat you well? Are you happy? Ys. But its only for this month. Why? Because he is leaving. He is going back. Will you miss him? Do you still live with him? Ys. Of course. Does he love you? I don't know. Do you? Ys. Do you want to marry him? He cant. He is married na.. But don't you want to be with him? Arabs can have multiple wives right? Ys. But he cant. Why not?? Its not that simple sister, he has a good family. He is a good man. And, he is a diplomat. Don't worry. We'll find you your prince. Ys. Sure. February 2011, India.

01 February 2011


"In fact, the only situation in which it would be justified for me to kill a man who was trying to kill me would be if I were incapable of killing a man. Any man." "Only then, of course, I wouldn't be able to kill him." -Aseem Kaul

29 January 2011

Pockets of HappYness

Location : Sandwich Beach, Kasargod, Kerala

16 January 2011

About an Ethic

"Anarchism is an ethic, a way of life. I, am an anarchist. " -Henry Cartier Bresson

08 January 2011

This Day This India.

Scene - A special court gathered to address violence against women. Victim : He beats me in a fit of anger. Judge : Is that true? Husband : Well, I don't mean to... But she is so disobedient. Judge : Now my girl.. stop crying.. dont you know you need to be obedient to make this marriage work? January 2011. India.

07 January 2011

Life in Limbo

I had a dream. The same dream I had the other night. I was banging on a door with all my might. It was a large ornate wooden door. It wouldn't budge. Someone whispered in my ear that I had reached the point of no return. I've been thinking a lot about God these days. Really? For what joy? Just like that. ... Do you think you will meet God if you travel to the end of the world? You really need another drink. I am you five years back. Hmmm. So if I am you five years back, who are you? I am you!! There are two kinds of people in this city. I hope you never meet the other kind. This city. We do not belong here. We need to go away. Where to? Does it matter? No.