31 May 2010

The Knight Rider

29 May 2010

Darjeeling Express

"Its not a toy. Its for real. The train can take us to a world where time cannot reach..." -Ramblings of a demented mind. My mind.

28 May 2010

The Curtain

27 May 2010

The Waiting

"Silence, I discover, is something you can actually hear."
- Haruki Murakami (an excerpt from Kafka on the Shore)

26 May 2010

That inability to see beyond.

Vanilla Sky

The Ganges
I suppose Monet would beg to differ. But this is my vanilla sky nevertheless :)

25 May 2010

The City Of Joy

Jyothy Karat/ Anushree Bhatter
"Could you take a picture of me? When the storm comes in? With flying hair and a happy face?"

22 May 2010

Mrs. Smith

"I am vain darling... Let me stand up for your picture. I'd like to appear tall." - Mrs. Smith Age : 89 Owner of the Fairlawn Hotel, Sudder's Street, Calcutta.