28 February 2009


People come, people go. Does it matter they were really dead or simply gone?

27 February 2009

Elgin Talkies

********For those who didnt know what/where Elgin Talkies is; I did this story for you. What/Where : Elgin Talkies. The oldest cinema theatre nestled in a busy street in Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore. I had first read about this theatre one lazy afternoon in a local magazine, and i instantly knew what my next story was going to be. A few days later, i found myself listening to the story of how a drama stage established in 1896 by Veerabadra Mudaliar survived the years to become the Eligin Talkies of today. "In 1915, we used to play silent movies. And then, in 1932, we showed the first Indian talking-movie, Alam Ara. Elgin Theatre became Elgin Talkies" said Mr. A. S. Krishnamoorthy, the current propreitor of the theatre and a descendant of Veerabadra Mudaliar. A. S Krishnamoorthy showing me some relics from the past (at his office). "When i took over the business in the 1980s, i upgraded the chairs to cushion chairs. One day i saw someone with a bag made out of the rexin material i had used for the cushions in the theatre. Quite predictably, the cushions were all torn in a months time." - A.S. Krishnamoorthy Narayana at his daily morning chores. He has been working at the talkies as a young boy. Bheja fry available here! 'New Star' Beef hotel opposite the talkies. Munna (operator) - Started working at Elgin Talkies as a 12yr old boy. Ramakrishna (operator) - Had been working at the talkies for 25 yrs. Rafeeq (helper) making little green pea packets for the snack shop. Meet Mr. Khan - The Manager

15 February 2009

Valentine Day 2009

(File Photo) Where art thou?