27 March 2011


"They will be happy. Always. No matter what."
"But why?"
"Because they are... Visceral."

26 March 2011

Down Under

A world that's deep down under and all thats black and magical about it.

24 March 2011

A Thousand Splendid Flowers Such as These

Location : Red Hills, Ooty
"Someone asked me how I was.
I told them, I'm happy. "

10 March 2011


The angrez were interesting; some had long hair and some shaved their heads.
They rode big motorbikes and at times were half-naked.
I had asked a neighbour who worked in a hotel, "Why do the angrez travel and we do not?"
"Because they are angrez and we are not."
But I worked it out. They had to travel to see Kashmir; we lived there and did not need to travel. We waved at them; they waved back.
Kashmir 1986.
Basharat Peer.

08 March 2011


Goudaguda Village, Koraput Dist., Orissa