29 January 2011

Pockets of HappYness

Location : Sandwich Beach, Kasargod, Kerala

16 January 2011

About an Ethic

"Anarchism is an ethic, a way of life. I, am an anarchist. " -Henry Cartier Bresson

08 January 2011

This Day This India.

Scene - A special court gathered to address violence against women. Victim : He beats me in a fit of anger. Judge : Is that true? Husband : Well, I don't mean to... But she is so disobedient. Judge : Now my girl.. stop crying.. dont you know you need to be obedient to make this marriage work? January 2011. India.

07 January 2011

Life in Limbo

I had a dream. The same dream I had the other night. I was banging on a door with all my might. It was a large ornate wooden door. It wouldn't budge. Someone whispered in my ear that I had reached the point of no return. I've been thinking a lot about God these days. Really? For what joy? Just like that. ... Do you think you will meet God if you travel to the end of the world? You really need another drink. I am you five years back. Hmmm. So if I am you five years back, who are you? I am you!! There are two kinds of people in this city. I hope you never meet the other kind. This city. We do not belong here. We need to go away. Where to? Does it matter? No.