08 January 2011

This Day This India.

Scene - A special court gathered to address violence against women. Victim : He beats me in a fit of anger. Judge : Is that true? Husband : Well, I don't mean to... But she is so disobedient. Judge : Now my girl.. stop crying.. dont you know you need to be obedient to make this marriage work? January 2011. India.


  1. Ghost Rider1/9/11, 4:26 PM

    I truly hope that was a spoof of a melodrama in one of those low budget movies in Bollywood!

  2. how come the women don't hit back?

  3. they probably need to learn some judo :)

  4. That just says everything, don't it? Where was this though?

  5. i was in lucknow high court, we were waiting for our case. there was a case which was being argued about why a man was arrested. The judge looked at the government lawyer and asked:
    judge: counsel, why is this man arrested?
    lawyer: lordships, he is a pick pocket.

    judge: (going through the case file), have you seen his wife's picture?
    lawyer: no lordships.

    judge: such a beautiful woman, cannot be a pickpockets wife. please release this man!


  6. ho my god..

    but could not avoid..