20 December 2010


You were there. You did nothing. -About God and belief systems.

15 December 2010

Losing Perspective

My world; as seen upside down.
"Imagine," Paul said to me once, "that the present is simply a reflection of the future. Imagine that we spend our whole lives staring into a mirror with the future at our backs, seeing it only in the reflection of what is here and now. Some of us would begin to believe that we could see tomorrow better by turning around to look at it directly. But those who did, without even realizing it, would've lost the key to the perspective they once had. For the one thing they would never be able to see in it was themselves. By turning their backs on the mirror, they would become the one element of the future their eyes could never find." - The Rule of Four (by Ian Caldwell & Dustin Thomason)

10 December 2010


A person gets used to being alone, But break it just for a day and you have to get used to it again, all over from the beginning. - Richard Bach

09 December 2010

Hidden Magic

"The unknown is where all the magic is. Where the surprises will be. " - Dayanita Singh

08 December 2010

Finding Neverland

06 December 2010

Happier Alone

Pics from Vembanad Lake, Alleppey.
"I can hardly see anything." "Its an illusion. This proximity." "I guess this is going to be a long journey. Im glad you are here with me." "I'm an illusion too. This journey, is yours. Your's alone. Never forget that." - (from A Conversation That Never Was)