28 July 2010

Back to Chairs

So now im bored (yes. BORED) of my Leh pictures. Guess I ve been trying to kill it for a long time now and ended up spending too much time staring at it. But chairs, I never tire of. I like to imagine who might have sat there, what conversations people might have had and some times, I almost think that the chairs themselves are the characters of my fictitious world. But that's besides the point. Like someone told me the other day... This chair has been alone a long time... Location : La Maison, Coonur

27 July 2010


"I wait for someone to come..." Location : Shey Palace, Leh-Ladakh

26 July 2010

A Prayer

"All you need to do is say a prayer" Location : Thiksey Monastery/ Shey Palace, Leh-Ladakh

25 July 2010


"I have been to Bangalore once in my life. It was a long winding journey..."
Location : Thiksey Monastery, Leh-Ladakh

22 July 2010

Heaven is Here

They say this is Heaven. I believe them. Location : Near the Village of Alchi, Leh-Ladakh


The wind, they say.. ..is the messenger.

21 July 2010


"Whats so fascinating about the droplets?" "This is how memories work. Through associations. This is how I will remember this moment. This is how I will remember you." - Unknown.

The Enchanted Woods

20 July 2010

The Man in the Mountains

"Listen carefully... the mountains are telling you something..."
Location : Near the Magnetic Hill, Leh

12 July 2010

Forever After


01 July 2010


"What is your name? I like English. I go to school. Iam in fifth standard." Up in the Himalayas, in a tiny village called Jispa, I found ten year old Tenzing.