22 July 2010

Heaven is Here

They say this is Heaven. I believe them. Location : Near the Village of Alchi, Leh-Ladakh


  1. now a days - u r picturing so much colorful..
    me will surely comment u all - in a day or two.. but everytime - me enjoying all those..
    thanks for those poc..

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. I really wish you could put up a larger size of your photographs.:)

  3. i did consider changing the format of this blog to accomodate large size images.But then, there are too many image on this blog which i will need to re-cut. So i decided to stick with my ancient layout :/

  4. Certainly looks a little greener than the alleged Garden City.

  5. Certainly i this is not heaven it must be very near to it. Greetings.

  6. where ever the creation - there is heaven..
    that place is full of nature's own creation..
    u create lovely pic..
    both are heavenly..