25 February 2011

In the Gardens of Eden

Location : Goudaguda Village, Interiors of Koraput, Orissa
"Didi... You, liking, flowers??" -Pothima, a lovely girl from the Porija tribe.

17 February 2011

Orange Dreams

14 February 2011

Strawberry Swing

11 February 2011

"And She Said,

.. this too shall pass."

06 February 2011

In Search of a Genie

03 February 2011

Capital City

So how is S? Good. Does he treat you well? Are you happy? Ys. But its only for this month. Why? Because he is leaving. He is going back. Will you miss him? Do you still live with him? Ys. Of course. Does he love you? I don't know. Do you? Ys. Do you want to marry him? He cant. He is married na.. But don't you want to be with him? Arabs can have multiple wives right? Ys. But he cant. Why not?? Its not that simple sister, he has a good family. He is a good man. And, he is a diplomat. Don't worry. We'll find you your prince. Ys. Sure. February 2011, India.

01 February 2011


"In fact, the only situation in which it would be justified for me to kill a man who was trying to kill me would be if I were incapable of killing a man. Any man." "Only then, of course, I wouldn't be able to kill him." -Aseem Kaul