09 January 2008

Brigade Road and the Indian Coffee House (MG Rd), Bangalore

An early morning scene from MG Road. Waiter at your service - The Indian Coffee House Breakfast at Indian Coffee House Guarding Christmas - A scene from Brigade Road Awaiting customers A scene from Brigade road Keeping a watch- Indian Coffee House A regular at the Indian Coffee House A vendor on the move, Brigade Road Brigade Road

06 January 2008

Beggar on Brigade (Road), Bangalore

"The blind and the seeing are not equal, nor are the darkness and the light. The shade and the heat are not equal, nor are the living and the dead." - Koran, "The Creator," 19 -------------------------------------------------- I'm the beggar, i'm the corpse. I'm the life the world had known once. -------------------------------------------------- "As the human forms blurred past me, i listened to the low rumble of a mindless population. It neither bore the secrets of the cool winter breeze nor the fragrance of promises anew. The language it spoke was that of another world... so redundant, that i was afraid that even its speaker could no longer remember the meaning of his words..."