10 March 2011


The angrez were interesting; some had long hair and some shaved their heads.
They rode big motorbikes and at times were half-naked.
I had asked a neighbour who worked in a hotel, "Why do the angrez travel and we do not?"
"Because they are angrez and we are not."
But I worked it out. They had to travel to see Kashmir; we lived there and did not need to travel. We waved at them; they waved back.
Kashmir 1986.
Basharat Peer.


  1. Nice read.
    I wonder that are we as adventurous like those bikers and hikers who carry their world around on a bike in a few bags... Then I wonder would somebody wave at us with equal amazement in their nation if we went biking to another place close to heaven on earth.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. There can only be one Kashmir :)