27 June 2011


Location : Poovar Island, Kerala

 That inability to see beyond.


  1. Interesting filter

  2. hi jyothy chechi i reached here by reading an article about you in thejas news paper (http://www.thejasnews.com/index.jsp?tp=det&det=yes&news_id=20110613019481106) and this blog is just what i could say AMAZING!!!

  3. amazing...
    me also knw bot u frm thejas

    go ahead

  4. Hi..

    Your photography is awesome!

    Just some comments, If you don't find.
    I was walking through your site's section http://jyothykarat.com/kerala-calling. But I felt like most of the images are not at all related to Kerala [I'm from Kerala. :)]. Don't take in any bad way. I just wanted to post my opinion.

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