15 April 2009

Man at the Tea Shop


  1. Nice... I'm officially a fan of your old people pics. You have a knack with skin and wrinkles i say!! Is he also under the "I never saw him/her again" category?

  2. Fantastic picture with a great composition!
    Greetings from Spain.

  3. @Sony

    Nope. He can almost always be found near that tea shop in that tiny village in Ooty(i forget the name of the village now).

  4. Hmm ,

    Okay i am a lil amateur at photography ? tell me how did you pull of such good Portrait shots ?

    I use a Nikon F series [ 1960 ] Analog camera .

    P.S - nice blog , good picture , you somehow have the knack to capture expressions on people's face .

  5. @ EfE

    Well..i guess there is no formula to a good portrait..but given some practice and a lot of patience, ud be able to click a lot lot lot better portraits than the ones posted here in this blog :)I love analog cameras.. I only wish i could afford them more often..

  6. Hi.
    Wonderful,nice pix !