11 April 2009

From My Travel Diary : Mysore 2009

Dwaraiswami, Aarumugam and Maaddamma , the house keeping staff of the Dasprakash Hotel, Mysore strike a pose for me.
"The smoke will look good when lit by the sunlight," Dwaraiswami observes.
His shop is right outside the famous Dasprakash hotel in Mysore. He is so much a part of his little shop that its difficult to imagine the space without him in it or to imagine him outside it. K. Hariprasad Rao has been living in Mysore for about 50 years now. He is 72yrs old. His son is in Kothamangalam (Kerala) and his daughter is a teacher in Bangalore. K. Kariprasad Rao on being alone - "Health is important not age. "

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  1. Lovely snaps. Especially the sunlight one!