25 April 2009

The Niagara Falls

Somebody asked me, "Have you seen the Niagara Falls?" I said, "No." Pause. "But it is one of the best-est of experiences." We were at the American Falls (the American side of the Niagara Falls). But honestly, i had this feeling that i was suddenly transported to India. We, Indians, were all over the place. In all shapes and sizes. I could hear Telugu ( predominantly), Kanada, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi.. all floating in the air. With our parents, with friends, with kids... And of course, with the inevitable camera. The only testimony to our sojourns. Amercan Falls (left), Horseshoe Falls (seen at the end, its the fanciest fall in Niagra, the large one) and thats Canada seen on the right. The worst thing you could possibly do is travel up to the Niagra Falls and not go on that boat ride. "Maid in the Mist," its called. As the boat moves right into the misty mouth of the Niagra Falls, it will finally dawn on you that you are indeed staring at something TRULY spectacular. Its one of those experiences you take for granted simply cos the TV is overloaded with such scenes and will not really value until you experience it first hand.
The park near the falls.
American Falls. This one is waaaaayyyy smaller than the Horseshoe Falls, but you can actually go down the cliff and stand right under the water. Oh, btw, did i mention how freezing cold it was? Even in summer!
Bridal Veil Falls


  1. Beautiful pictures. I have seen your recent posts and there are great photos. My favourite: On the run and Dusk.
    Greetings from Spain

  2. Beautiful pictures. My favorite one of this serie about Niagara falls is the first one.

  3. You are in US now? But you voted the other day in India... Anyway, nice pictures.

  4. @ Alvaro @ Japy
    Thank you for visiting :)

    @ Anaska
    Im currently based out of Bangalore, India. These pics were taken during a short visit to the US last year.