27 April 2009

At a Tea Factory

When i was still in the academy , learning photography, i often used to hang out with my seniors while they were out working on their assignments. Tagging along with fellow photographers can be a great learning experience and also a lot of fun. This image was a result of one such trip to a tea factory in Ooty. The sky looked dark and sulky threatening to pour down any moment, the entire valley was shrouded in mist and my friends were struggling to complete their shoots (industrial photography, entails lugging around some heavy duty photographic equipments, co-ordinating work with the factory manager without interrupting their production, finishing the job on time and most importantly keeping your cool). After a mad afternoon of frenzied shoot, there i was, musing over how lovely the soft window light looked on the factory workers.


  1. J'adore les couleurs de cette photo... On dirait une peinture ! On se demande bien qu'est-ce qu'ils peuvent fabriquer ces deux là...! du thé ! Ton regard pour capturer cette photo est exceptionnel !

    Now in english...! Hum Hum ! I love colors of this picture ! What they are doing in this factory ? tea ! Your look to capturing this photo is exceptional ! Great and wonderful picture ! It's seems like a paint work !

    Sorry for my english...!


    See you later Jyothy ! +_+

    jeff lib !

  2. Thanks Jeff! They work in the tea factory. In this particular shot, the woman brings the tea powder in her vessel and the man dumps it into the machine for grinding it into a fine powder.

  3. Beautiful composition. I love the light on it. Also you really knew how to capture the moment.