11 April 2009

From My Travel Diary : Ranganthittu 2009

I'm not someone you would exactly describe as a nature enthusiast. But visiting a wildlife sanctuary is not a punishment to me either. These are some of my pictures from the Ranganthittu Wildlife & Bird Sanctuary (20km away from Mysore). I did end up having a lot of fun that day.
I do not quite know the name of this bird. But he sure was quite a funny fellow. He had made it his business to scratch his neck sitting right there for a good 5 mnts!!
The crocs in the sanctuary were sun bathing when we visited them. This particular one seemed to have chosen the Stork's backside to rest his massive head though. Not even the (toy) gun wielding unruly bunch of kids on the other boat could provoke him enough to move an eyelid.
This lovey-dovey couple was on honeymoon on top of that tree.
I know quite a lot of trees can look menacing. But this one looked like Einstein's-hairdo-gone-worse to me!!
A family that prays together stays together. Nope, I'm not exaggerating. I could swear by the Gods of the Great Storks, that this family was deep in meditation, dwelling in a feeling of oneness!! ;)

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