11 August 2009

Paramount Stores, Bangalore

[ Outtake from a group show called "Places I Like" that's opening on August 14, 6.30pm at the Goethe Instistute on CMH Rd. If you are in Bangalore, please try and make it to the opening.]
I found this little store and its curious neighbors on Narasimha Raja Road (near city market). The business is over 60 years old and the store older. The shopkeeper (my apologies for missing the note in which i had scribbled his name and age) shuttles between Kerala and Bangalore, between family and business. He has five daughters and doesn't like to think too much about what would happen to the store or his business after his demise. "But I will run it as long as I can..... "


  1. It is Narasimha Raja Road

  2. @Uday

    Corrected :) Thank you!

  3. some of your pictures are really amazing! My compliments!