27 August 2009


Less than five days back when I left Bangalore for a weekend trip to Hampi, Bangalore was seething with heat, the TV channels was droning on about Jaswant Singh's plight and the precautions to be taken to prevent swine flu (btw, read Paul's swine flu story here, it's as usual hilarious!) and the monsoon rains were hanging low on the dark clouds threatening to drench me without warning. When I got back to Bangalore on Tuesday morning, NDTV was still feasting on the turmoil in the BJP leadership (which had become worse over the weekend), there were more casualities on account of swine flu, people were making bonfires outside their homes (thanks to the sudden chill in the city!) and there is absolutely no sign of the rains. So much, in so little time... The wheather I mean...


  1. Another great picture. Greetings.

  2. TV channels are good in a way that you won't feel you're far from home, as you get to see the same stuff time and again. Only difference between news channels and soaps is that soaps supposedly have to follow a script and pay for the actors.

    Nature indeed can change it colors in a jiffy. Good picture.

  3. woaw ! Wonderful shot !
    Bizzz !...:-)

  4. @Jeff

    Nice to see you back here!!!