12 August 2009

Crows on a Lamp Post

[ Outtake from a group show called "Places I Like" that's opening on August 14, 6.30pm at the Goethe Instistute on CMH Rd. If you are in Bangalore, please try and make it to the opening.]
The permanent (or almost) residents of the City Market, Bangalore.


  1. if i were in bangalore on the 14th i would not miss it for nothing!

  2. Lovely sky and you did well to train those crows to stand in line.

  3. @ horvathjudit
    Its a lovely feeling when you know you have friends around the world. Thank you :) (I love the internet for this!)

    @ Paul
    ha ha.. you do have a great sense of humour!

  4. You should blow this up and give it to me! :D