14 August 2009

Lamp Posts, K R Market

[ Outtake from a group show called "Places I Like" that's opening on August 14, 6.30pm at the Goethe Instistute on CMH Rd. If you are in Bangalore, please try and make it to the opening.]


  1. At first glance it looked like Mumbai CST stn :) Good one ! What was the shutter speed used ?

  2. Nice. All the best for the show!

  3. Good luck with the show Jyothy. Currently overseas, back at the end of the month. Will your exhibition still be on then?

  4. @Uday

    Its 1/8th of a second at f4.

    Thanks! The show went well

    Unfortunately no.. But ill be posting the images here. So you wouldnt miss much. But come back soon. I miss my daily dose of humour!