07 August 2009

The Florist

This is a scene found inside 'Hotel King' on SJP road near the city market, Bangalore.
You will find people utilizing spaces to work at the oddest places in India. This is more true for areas around markets. The street vendors who come from near by villages, those especially who do not have a ready-made product to sell invariably find a way around the problem of finding a work space in the city. But what I really found surprising was that despite the encroachment issues you read about in the city newspapers, people (like the manager of this hotel for example) seem to empathise with the plight of these hardworking migrants.


  1. Magical ! I liked the way subject is placed in a V-shaped gap in the frame. Its as if he is between the blades of scissors and some light is reaching him to rescue

  2. Great compostion. The light makes it