26 May 2009

Lunch Break

(This image has been digitally manipulated)


  1. Superbe B/W, irréprochable ! Le sujet est très bien trouvé ! Bravissimo !

  2. How James Dean could have looked had he lived (and come to India to eat dahl and naan). I guess his scarf and jumper indicates another one of your chilly Ooty shots?

  3. ha ha...thats right paul.. This was shot in Ooty. I just loved the way he had carefully combed his well oiled hair! Ive noticed the locals(the men especially)in Ooty are usually very neatly dressed.

    Also, he was eating 'porotta'(kerala style) and 'kurma'. You would get a plate for Rs.6/- in these little hotels and they are delicious!!