06 May 2009

Enroute to Kerala

The Indian Railways, with all its shortcomings has never really ceased to fascinate me. I'm slowly forming a (good/bad) habit of sneaking around with my camera as soon as the Ticket Collector vanishes into the next compartment (check out some of my 'train' shots here). I just wish they would stop bothering so much about photography and would let people take pictures at the railway stations as well. (Here is Slogan Murugan's blog dedicated to the Railways. ' Clicketey Clicks - Indian Railway Picures' check it out.. its got some beautiful pics) Once you are inside the train, there isn't much you could do apart from reading, listening to your i pod and of course doze off after a nice little dinner provided by the railway authorities. I was honestly surprised to find people actually using laptops in the train. India is definitely running on the fast track.


  1. Lovely :)
    I love trains. I love clicking snaps of trains/railways. The only problem is that I do not get to travel as often as i want to :(

    Here's a railway pic blog i desperately want to fill with images.


  2. hey... thats some really nice pics u ve got at http://clicklack.blogspot.com/ looking forward for more :)

  3. I've not travelled on an Indian train for a good five years but those seats look just as hard as the ones I remember on the Hyderabad/Bangalore train, whatever that's called. Thankfully that journey was only 12 hours but I did do a 33 hour journey from Delhi to Bangalore.

    Thanks for the welcome back Jyothy.

  4. I can smell his feet.

    Very nice :)

  5. nice pics. forcing me to think about a train travel soon!

  6. Been years since I traveled on an Indian train. This post makes me want to do that!

    And that's a compliment to your photography :)