30 May 2009

After a Day's Work

Some describe it as a great irony of modern India. Yet I think there is an old world charm in the farmer's bullock cart slowly rolling back to his village after selling his farm's produce in the market.


  1. Wouaw ! Beautiful perspective ! Colors hmmmm ! J'aime beaucoup l'ambiance de cette photo !
    Ciao Jyothy !

  2. More than an irony I would think the cart is the essence of India, connected to the earth in a way that highlights the bond between man and the animal and their place in the scheme of things.

    But sometimes, an irony for sure.

  3. Bullock carts, ponies and trap, hand-drawn carts; they all seem incongruous in the cities, less so once you venture into the countryside. Rural India is always good for the soul, unfortunately I ge precious little opportunity to venture there these days.