11 May 2009

The Church

***Disclaimer : This image has been manipulated using the 'Burn' tool in Photoshop.


  1. Beautiful picture. I love the Black and White.

  2. It's really a biotiful pictre izn't it !
    But I prefer your photography "coloured rotating me" !

    ByeBye ! You see, I speak english !
    Thankx Jyothy

  3. Oh that's very good and very gothic. If you pan down I think you'll find there's a mad monk and a distressed damsel with her white dress billowing in a storm.

    And it's a nice church too. I've been there a few times and visited some of the illustrious dead in the adjoining churchyard.

  4. whoa! the angle, the tones... wow :)

  5. Thanks everybody!

    You do have a fantastic imagination:)And yes, they do have (a very beautiful) grave yard. We used to hang around in that space quite often. With the pretty little yellow flowers sprouting out of every nook and corner, i used to think that it actually had some very strong positive vibes!