24 March 2009

From My Travel Diary : Shillong, Cherrapunji and Guwahati

(File Photos - March 2008) It may seem odd to begin your story with the picture of a restroom. But strange though it may seem, it was the memory of this quaint little room that stuck to my head after that happy journey to the North East in March 2008. Posted below are images from my stay at Shillong, the little expedition we made to Mawsmai Caves in Cherrapunji and finally my graceful hosts in Guwahati.
I loved the white lace curtains and the B & W floor tiles - Shillong
The path leading to the Mawsmai Caves - Cherrapunji
Rakshu gazing up at stalagmites inside the cave
The remains of a sumptuous Khaasi meal in Cherrapunji.
Pa's kids strike a pose for me - Shillong
View point at Khoh Ramhah, Cherrapunji. Bangladesh is seen in the distance.
Pauli's mom (one of the few super moms i ve ever come across) seen with 'Zoo' and 'Arnold'.
Pauli seen fast asleep. Arnold had found a cosy bed for himself too!


  1. this brings back memories of my visit to shillong. the sacred caves, the rains playing hide-n-seek in cherrapunji. the kwai chewing women,lovely houses. i could go on :)

    really nice shots!

    ~ b

  2. Great shots! especially the one of those two kids :)

  3. i am from shilling itself . I liked your photoes very much. atleast you have put some photoes of my native place in the net. Thank you so much.and a warm welcome to Shillong again in your future