24 March 2009

The 'Him' I Shall Never Forget

I had felt fear and a queer sense of empathy when i first saw him. I continued to click. I now realize that he was as scared of me as i was of him. He was mumbling to himself and then looked extremely pleased when i handed a five rupee coin to him. I set out looking for him a few months later. He was found dead. Lying on the streets of Coimbatore. He had gone in search of his son. Memories come back.


  1. Nice photo.... If I didn't know any better I'd say he was sneering at the reaper standing afar! Yup... he saw it alright...

  2. actually, i wouldnt be surprised if indeed he had visions. He was a queer sort of fellow. With a contorted face and a convulsed smile. See how my exposure had gone overboard in this pics?? That was simply cos i was downright scared! I didnt know whether he was menacing or trying to smile...And then i felt i HAD TO GO BACK to find him and do some justice to his image.Poor soul. I was too late.