07 March 2009

Notes to Myself - Part I

Let me give you a brief on how this post came about. A few days back, i found a facebook app in my inbox which demanded that I state 25 facts about myself to be posted on FB. The reason simply being that the sender(in this case, a friend) would like to know more fun stuff about me. I had decided that i will post it after i get the requests from a few more friends. Well, the requests never came. But it caught my attention nonetheless. I realised that i did have to think hard to come up with 25 notes about me. So here goes, some notes to myself.... 1. My mother tells me that i pee-d gracefully on my uncle's dinner table on the eve of his wedding with about hundred guests laughing gleefully at me. The video tape from that night is the earliest video record of my existence on this earth. Age 3. 2. The black fat teacher with the wooden scale gave me nightmares. I hated school. Age 7. 3. I was a thin, dark, sickly child. I used to pray to god to turn me into a dove (the kind i used to feed at the temple). Age 9. 4. I grew up reading Charles Dickens and Enid Blyton. I was one of the founding members of a (secret) 'Famous Five Fan Club'. I was scared of ghosts. Age 10. 5. I was excited about joining the boarding school. I thought, all schools would be like the 'Malory Towers' or 'St. Clares' i used to read about. Age 12. 6. I was part of the school band, youth festivals, singing, dancing and drama. I told my parents i wanted to quit taking singing and dancing lessons. Age 13. 7. I surprised everybody with my 10th grade results (including myself). I ranked third in the school's toppers list. Age 14 8. After two years of hard work, and a conscious decision to choose an unconventional subject for graduate studies, i sat in a class full of older students (with much lower grades) wondering why i had to work this hard if these folks could pay their way into college. Age 17. 9. Three years of short films, photography, journalism, internships and a few disappointments later, i struggled through a prestigious School of Photography to become a documentary photographer with no money nor bank balance, save a huge debt in my kitty. Age 21. 10. It took a lot of courage to write this down. It is hard to admit to the world, what you hate to admit to yourself. Age 21 - Age 23 (present) . To be continued.... To read Part II, Click here .


  1. Just keep clicking. And the last one will change.

  2. :) thanks for the support SM... ive changed the last one though... to something i thought was more 'appropriate' :) (im not sure im after all a great fan of this world wide web :/ )

  3. Hey...
    That's a great start for the random 25. Waiting for the balance.. All the BEST.

    I was also made a victim for that 25 by FB. Check here.. http://peeveeads.wordpress.com/2009/02/11/random25/