07 June 2009

The Udupi Restaurant

If you walk along the road on which the Chikpet Police Station resides, away from the Sunday Market, you will find a neat grey building with shining letters which read The Udupi Sree Krishna Bhavan . We were hungry.
At the entrance.
After going around in circles for a few minutes, we realised that we were supposed to hand over the (prepaid) bill at the little counter near the entrance. The signboard read 'Self Service'. But a 'blue shirt + dhoti' clad waiter soon arrived at our tables with our meals.
The 'Family Room' upstairs.
The hotel seemed least affected by the afternoon madness that seemed to have inflicted the crowd outside. Do not forget to pay a visit to the 'Special Room' for some yummy sweets after your meal. My friends who had gone 'window shopping' to the Special Room had come back loaded and looked incredibly pleased with themselves! The food was inexpensive, delicious and remained faithful to the spirit of the Udupi cuisine. If you haven't already, make sure you visit this quaint restaurant when you are in the vicinity. PS : Click here to see images of the Irani's Hotel, Ooty.


  1. It looks clean enough and the food looks basic and tasty; just what you would want after the madness of Chikpet.

  2. i love everything about these restaurants... the flooring, the furniture, the huge fans, and of course the food! great series!

  3. Your review of the restaurant and the snaps are excellent.

  4. The 'Special Room' looks well, quite un-special, but the grub looks tempting! :)

  5. What the... Are they paying you or something? The place and food were anything but mediocre. Same goes for the sweets... average long lasting sugary things.. nothing "incredibly pleasing" you know.

    I have no idea what the original "Udupi Cuisine" is like, but I think this was average stuff you find in most railway station canteens: vada, puri, tomato rice, etc

  6. @ Sony

    You are probably right. I'm by no means an expert on food. But i did love the food, may be becuase i was super hungry :) I would still recommend people to go there and decide for themselves though...