20 June 2009


I was in Palakkad, Kerala , covering a temple festival when i noticed that the house (which the family was so kind to provide for my stay) was beautifully lit by natural light during the day. The maddam (as the house of a brahmin family is called) is atleast a 100 years old. I havent seen many modern houses with such ingenious architecture. It was cool inside despite the hot summer. I wish they still made houses like these... I cant really say that the house was well maintained. Perhaps the lady wih the Gucci bag living around the corner might disapprove the blue patches on the walls. To me, it looked beautiful (although i admit that my pictures did no justice to it!)
Glass pieces were strategically placed on the roof to light up various parts of the house during any time of the day.
Isn't it fun to have a spot light on you when you are asked to be seated??
This is one my favorite prints. The blue colour seen in the picture is due to the blue paint on the windows and the warm hue if from the light streaming past rusted iron bars on the windows.
A ventilation to the store room. Through a window. Every house had an exclusive water well to themselves. You could say the house was more or less built around it. You had access to the cool fresh water both from the kitchen AND from the bathroom. It is quite a bit of an exercise to draw water from these wells though.
As i mentioned before, i was visiting during the summer. When the temperature was 37 degrees or above. Surprisingly,the water level was still very high in the well.
The brahmin community in Palakkad is a very well educated lot. If you were looking for means to pass time on a hot afternoon, you will find ample amount of books stacked away in a shelf or two which can keep you occupied for the rest of your stay.
I hardly saw any bulbs lit during the day.
The oldest member of the family (he is about 80 yrs old). Do not be carried away by the expression on his face. He loved being photographed. Only, he did not understand my interests on electric bulbs and plastic buckets! I always fancied the studio portraits of newly weds taken atleast a quarter of a century ago. My friend was showing me the image of his son and his daughter-in-law.
"What's a house without the grace of the lord almighty?" Always well-lit, always well adorned. the pooja room.
"When you have kids in the house, you have toys. When they leave, the toys become show pieces..."


  1. You've got some lovely colours there Jyothy; great series.

  2. nice narrations to go with the great clicks!

  3. Cannot agree more with Ganesh and Chailey.

  4. I love the concept and the shots. I like the way u perceive things jyo!