27 June 2009


"In the past 10 years my magazine has had me assigned to the White House and the politics of Washington DC so naturally I have had to change my way of thinking – being part of a pack, men in suits, masses of waiting for short bursts of energy, rope lines and the control factor etc etc but still the same motivating force stands true for me as it was 'being free' roaming the world in the 90's. Just a fascination with human nature." - Charles Ommaney, winner of Political Photo of the Year (WHNPA) in a recent interview with Pixcetera. I guess this is the most important factor that drives most photojournalists in doing what they do. Their fascination with human nature. Their insatiable appetite for documenting the lives of mere mortals. The understanding that no human life is too trivial to pass... This is one such attempt to capture a fragment of human lives. Three simple pictures from a lazy day spend with the best of my friends.
Blank. Like the TV screen behind her. Wonder what went on in that head of hers. Tripping perhaps?
The best part of shooting pictures of friends is that you can be part of some of the most intimate conversations and yet remain in the dark. Unnoticed. Invisible.
Simple. Dark.


  1. Simply beautiful ! What a beautiful text and ... girl !...=D

  2. Hey..thats sofie..isnt it?!!! thats my relative!!! :D

  3. @Aisha

    Hey... its a small world after all! :)