21 September 2009

Virupaksha Hair Cutting Saloon

Note : The vignetting effect has been applied in post production.


  1. Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, eat your heart out. I've often wondered how the word "salon" became "saloon" on crossing the Arabian Sea, and why "salon" is still pronounced as "saloon" in India. Saloon for me, conjures up cowboy bars and gunfights, not coiffures and cut-throats. India-aaah.

  2. Quaint location for a unisex salon. Very good shot!

  3. Good picture.
    Kannada name reads Virupaksheswara. Seems the real estate on the board was not sufficient to fit in a long name and settled it to Virupaksha.
    And alike saloon - some other classics from my memory are Saving and Cutting (in Tirupati), Gopi Machurian (in Munnar), Istupid Paratha (stands for stuffed paratha, in Jodhpur), Pure Veg and Non-veg (on a highway in West Bengal).

  4. Very good shot!
    Good picture.

  5. Wow. you have a beautiful blog! The colors are amazing in your photos! I found your site through looking at anothers site. looking forward to visitng again and viewing more of your work! I hope you don't ming, I would like to link your site to my favorite list. Thank you!

  6. @Paul
    Honestly, I hardly ever notice the difference.. even when I'm writing something. But i loved the confident air with which the guy asked, "Madame, hair cut? For you, only 20 rupees.. "

    a friend of mine had taken pictures of some very creative signboards up in the himalayas. I will share the link once he uploads it to the net.

    @Kyungmee, lino, shiju
    Thanks for taking the time out to post a comment. Much appreciated!