25 September 2009

Lotus Mahal (Palace)

A search on 'Lotus Mahal, Hampi' will give you these details and more a) Speculations that this used to be the queen's summer palace. b) Give you details of the materials of construction (mortar etc). c) The architecture is a curious mix of Hindu and Islamic styles. d) This is perhaps the most photographed structures in Hampi etc etc. To me, the structure was, like most ancient structures I don't fully understand, plain beautiful. But what i found more endearing than the building itself was the old woman who was the proud guardian of the pretty palace. At first she seemed surprised that a tourist was taking more interest in her than in the building. Then she graciously returned the tourist's smile. Forgot to shoo away a few other tourists who were trying to get past the restricted area. Seemed surprised that this tourist was listening to what she had to say. Was flattered when she was asked to pose for a few shots. And finally, scooped down to pull her new found friend's cheeks. " Come back anytime... I will take you inside the palace... You can click hundreds of pictures.. Come back sometime.. " I heard her calling out in broken English and Hindi as I was walking away. In a distance, a few tourists were trying to take pictures of the Lotus Mahal...


  1. Ahaa...this time, mine is the first comment before anyone else. Your caps are so addictive that I just visit the site whenever I feel I have lost my path. Thank you for the visual splendour you present :-)

  2. Superbe visage de femme libre...! Ta photographie est d'une grande qualité ! Tu ne baisse jamais de régime Jyothy ! ! !...;-)


  3. @Sudheendhar

    There is more coming your way... :)

  4. Hi Jyothy.. I recently found your blog while searching for photo blogs and am addicted. I love the color and light that you seem to focus on. I am learning photography and you are an inspiration.