04 January 2009

An Evening at the Kurumba Camp- Nilgiris


  1. man..check d depth in d eyes of girl in last but one foto...

  2. Why is it called a camp? Are they refugees.

    Lovely light. Superb images.

  3. It was i who christened the 'kurumba paadi' (meaning kurumba house) as the kurumba camp...

    This settlement was found within the confines of a large estate (perhaps the largest) in Gudalur. The land occupied by the Kurumbas belong to the landlords of the estate. They dont have electricity within the settlement cos they are awaiting the permission to install electric posts from the landlords. The same procedure goes for any development requirements of the settlement. They are more or less like tenants, who are granted permission to live there without having to pay the rent.

  4. Hmm.. nice set of frames...
    Keep adding more..