29 November 2008

Art, Space, the city... and me.

Bangalore. And art! The city with its rich history and recent blend of urban lifestyle, I could imagine a tremendous potential for art forms… those that evolved and grew stronger with the new metropolitan diet… and those few that stood the test of time and space. Impetuously, I had the allusion of long forgotten “Bharatanatyam” dance classes I took as a child. I could hear the ushered anklets sway noisily, like how they would be on unruly children, and I recall now… how over the years they were tamed. I set out to get a glimpse of that mood again… through photography, when I coincidentally came across a Ballet class. The fairy-like figures trotted across the floor in pretty pinks, learning ballet under an unyielding instructor. I was at awe with the formidable discipline and passion that the art commanded. They were guided by a grace I had seen before… in the Bharatanatyam dancers! And, in a parallel world, I watched the Bharatnatyam dancers entertain their audience with an elegance reminiscent of the legendary Indian dancers of bygone eras. I knew then, that both these worlds needed to share the same space. Not to compare and contrast, but to tip-toe gently past the comfortably silent anklets, just for a moment, acknowledging the other’s presence… respectfully. (text by Sony Sasankan Nanoo) Art, Space and the City PS : My dear virtual friends, Please do come for the opening of our group exhibition (by Clare Arni, Dr. Vivek M, Vivek Singh, Jyothy Karat, Vinayak Das and Rudrasharan Rakshit) on the 3rd of December at 6.30pm at the Max Mueller Bhavan on CMH rd. The exhibit is on until 19th Dec. Everybody is invited :)


  1. Lovely snaps. Would be nice to see it in print. And Vinayak and Dr Vivek are also there. Fabulous. I love their work too :)

  2. do come.. and bring ur friends too :) am already hyper excited/nervous!! but i'm quite sure u wont be disappointed.. all these guys are super good..