28 March 2010

Saturday Evening

I was working until late this afternoon, then watched a psychotic movie, tried to read for sometime, dosed off to sleep and finally decided to set up some lights at home. Of course, I forgot my evening plans in the process!
Lights courtesy Aniruddha Ghosh


  1. sir,
    this is so beautiful..
    the first one is full of shyness..
    the next one is before flowering..
    and the third is a beautiful flower..
    all nice expressions..

  2. this is oh-so-fantabulous!..pls pardon the dearth of a more suitable adjective in my vocab.. :)

  3. Nice ones. You mom's is the best. My wishes to her. She is a real sport. Apparently, you are particular about hair in women portraits (Some of Ravi Varma's paintings has woman's hair like flaunting a torrent).

  4. he he.. yeah..im the only woman in the family with a rats-tail-like excuse for hair :/