01 December 2009

My Life is a Long Conversation with My Son....

Teena Mathachan, my gracious hostess and friend in Singapore...


  1. hey what you doing in Singa...BYW nice pic..cool BW

  2. Reproduce that photo in sepia, add a few tears and creases and you could be forgiven that it was taken 100 years ago - possibly.

  3. @Vikram
    Been travelling..

    @ Paul
    ill take that as a compliment for now ;)

  4. Certainly. It's the dress really - the high neck and the pleats - which could mark it as late Victorian or Edwardian; and also the pose. The only thing 'wrong' are the short sleeves, certainly for British dress of the period, but I'm not sure what the dress was like in Singapore in those days - certainly shorter sleeves would have been more practical.