21 October 2009

Diwali Celebrations - Bangalore 2009

I spent most part of my long weekend in the company of my laptop. But I did manage to squeeze in a few hours to celebrate Diwali with my friends on Saturday evening. I'm quite sure that these images will not see the light of the day until 2010 Diwali, once i chuck it into the abyss of my hard disk. So I chose to edit them now. Hope you guys had a safe, fun Diwali.. I sure did.
Sowmya was our official torch light :)
Kruti - our hostess
Kunal threatens Sowmya. Its Kunal's 'surprise' birthday cake on display!
Meagan is already scared of the weird uncle :$
Laura and kids watch the fireworks burst in the neighbourhood.
Sowmya, Meagan and my sis
Divya and Kruti's dad were by far the most enthusiastic of the lot!
Yes yes. For a sec, I thought I had turned deaf too.
The demise of our special (= most expensive) cracker happened in such a short time that I'm honestly surprised that I did manage to freeze the first few moments of its existence. (Please note the 'dark shadow' alias 'the cool dude' alias 'Kunal Basu' walking away as if he is on an evening stroll)


  1. Nice intro to your friends and family..! Good pictures too.

  2. pretty pathetic pics, by any standards - and definitely by your standards.

  3. i beg to differ with Anonymous. This was play time for you and you certainly looked like you had a fun diwali. the pictures are beautiful. Cheers!

  4. getting to see the fireworks and the smiles without having to hear deafening sounds is fun! ;)

    nice pics!

  5. Some beautiful shots....vibrant colors.. Diwali s all abt fun!!

  6. Looks like fun! Nice snippets of emotions here and there in the pictures. Different from the rest of your pictures (on this blog), but lovely :)

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