09 July 2009

The Story of Snake Shyam : Part I

"I'm not afraid. But I am not God. " -Snake Shyam
Story to be continued...


  1. They say that all mammals have a gene in them that makes them naturally scared of snakes. A carry over from the jurassic age. Is that what makes it so interesting to watch people and animals (mongoose for example) fight, tame and control snakes?

    Wonderful pictures. 10 out of 10 for you ma'am.

  2. Why the human race always tries to control the other creatures of the nature. Is it not something like an attempt of overruling above the law of nature ? I dont think that the man ever tried to tame the other beings for the the thier wellfare. It was its own selfishness which always led him to do so. To conquer over the snake is a special desire in this quest which should be challenged and dictated the sentence and should also be taken care of.

  3. I could be wrong, but I reckon you took that second photo at about ten past twelve. Some interesting rings on that affluent hand - I particularly like the red Indian chief on the south Indian finger.

  4. @ Sloganmurugan
    Ive a feeling that Snake Shyam must have escaped the particular gene you are talking about. Guess there is just no predicting how the human mind works!

    Snake Shyam doesnt control or abuse animals. In fact, i will go into the details of his profession in the upcoming posts.

    Omg! How brilliant! You read the time in the watch!! he he... actually im gonna post more shots of his well adorned hand. Wait until you see some of the accessories on his right hand :0D

  5. I'm loving this series. Apologies for not commenting earlier - been busy settling down in Bengaluru and busy sneezing and sniffling, among other things.

    Snake Shyam's hands look straight out of a southie potboiler!