12 July 2007

The Royal Bath

A temple festival isn't really complete without elephants in Kerala, India. They are flaunted (by their owners), revered and they also enjoy celeb status within the community. These are images from my visit to a bathing session of one such celebrated pachyderm by the name of 'Lakshmikutty'.
Lakshmikutty and her mahout , Trissur, India.
Subrah, the mahout preparing for the task ahead.
The audience watching her highness.
While her entire body was immersed in cool water on this hot summer day, she keeps her trunk out of water to make sure she doesn't drown! Her Royal highness obediently ties her trunk into a knot as per her mahout's instructions.
Lakshmikutty enjoying a nice splash of cool water.
The irony of the bird in the golden cage.
Subrah later told me that this 'scratching' session is Lakshmikutty's favorite part of the bathing session.
Wonder how he balances himself like that!
Ah! My Favorite pose.
Heading back home after a fresh royal bath.


  1. hey... the pictures are good :) there is something different about ur pics... and wt i like the most in ur pics is the nativity.. keep it going :) and ya... my fav pic is the foot of the elephant... :)

  2. hey.. thanks for ur feedback.. hope ud keep visiting my blog.. constructive criticism is always welcome...

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  4. hey.. thanks for visiting..

  5. hey jyo...vidya here,,,,ROYAL bath is indeed royal...for the first time am seeing such splendid snapshots of a GAJAVEERAN...good caption too,,,,all the best

  6. thanks viddi:) but hey... thats not a 'gaja veeran' ... that was a female elephant by the name of 'Parrannur Lakshmi kutty':) but am glad u liked it..

  7. good dear :-)

    keep going :-)