08 June 2007

A Random Quote

“Imagine, Paul said to me once, that the present is simply a reflection of the future. Imagine that we spend our whole lives staring into a mirror with the future at our backs, seeing it only in the reflection of what is here and now. Some of us would begin to believe that we could see tomorrow better by turning around to look at it directly. But those who did, without even realizing it would’ve lost the key to the perspective they once had. For the one thing they would never be able to see in it was themselves. By turning their backs on the mirror, they would become the one element of the future their eyes could never find.” - Text from the novel ‘The Rule of Four’ by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason.


  1. Hey... cool stuff!! I loved it.... its true.... Explains why a lot of people with big dreams end up disapointed when they dont make up. They turned around dont see themselves in it... just the vision of what they are looking at!!

  2. look at it this way. A person who had only a blurry/vague vision about the future. At a point, he becomes tired of looking forward to the future and decides that he ll get a better grasp of the future only if he 'turns back'... meaning, he might have thought that his future could be found in his 'past'... he may not be ready to let go of his past.. and in the whole process, he misses himself... :)