18 June 2006

Ordeal with the driver

This is insanity.A rotten greedy autodriver tells me that he just wouldn’t give back my change and voila! There is nothing I can do about it! Shivering from head to foot with rage, all I could do was to swear under my breadth and feverishly note down the rickshaw’s number. A K L 11, M2666. The devil himself! What can I possibly do about it? Who would possibly care about the two rupees I lost to a quarelling auto driver?Who can I go to? A friend tells me that I could make a complaint with the police. But lets face it.I don not have the goddamn guts to approach the police.Therefore , im left here, scribbling in my blog…feeling meek, slow and small…..!

1 comment:

  1. Ha... you're damn right. The creeps nowadays. Some wont even turn on their meter... and they just round off their vague semi solid plasma like beedi induced fare to the nearest multiple of ten!!

    I could be losing millions like this. No wonder i sometimes find myself penniless...